"What is a celebrant and is it a 'legal' wedding?"

A Celebrant is someone who can conduct all different sorts of ceremonies including weddings, naming ceremonies and funerals. Celebrants are usually either independent, or humanist; the difference is purely the belief that they follow. For weddings, a celebrant has to be authorized in order for the wedding to be legal and, as a member of TLC Faith, I am authorized to marry couples just about anywhere in Scotland.

”When should I book a celebrant?”

There is no right answer to this, but I would suggest the sooner the better! Some celebrants like myself are booking weddings 2 or 3 years in advance.

“What forms do I need to fill out?”

Around about 3 months before your wedding you’ll need to complete M10 and witness forms. These need to be completed no later than 29 days before your wedding. After your big day you only have 3 days to get this handed back in to your registrar so, if you’re going on honeymoon straight after, make sure a friend or family member can do this for you.

”Which registrar do I need to get give my forms to?”

It all depends on where you are getting married; if in doubt, ask your venue.

“Non religious? Does that mean I can’t have prayers at my wedding?”

Of course you can! TLC Faith is all about love, and respect. If you want me or someone else to read a wee prayer as part of your ceremony then that is not a problem at all.

“What is TLC Faith?”

TLC Faith is a small group of celebrants based in Scotland with a belief system. We believe that marriage is not the domination of one or the other, but exists for the benefit of both of you. We believe that marriage should be based on respect; respect for yourselves and respect for each other. This will enable the bond between you to grow even stronger and will be an excellent foundation to build your marriage upon.

”Do you do any other ceremonies?”

I do indeed - I am also available for naming ceremonies.

“Is that MacKenzie tartan in your logo? Why?”

Yes it is - my grandad was a Mackenzie, and I adopted it as my tartan.